E-science team of Physics Department at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki welcomes you at the Website of distant Laboratory, which operates for those who wish to live the experience of conducting real experiments from their PC, tablet or even their smart phone.

At this site a user can carry out several experiments in electrical circuits. More specific the available experiments are listed below:

  • Ohm’ s Law
  • Resistors in series
  • Resistors in parallel
  • Evaluating Planck’s constant with blue and red LED
  • Ohm’ s Law and filament Lamp
  • Ohm’s Law and LED

For each Experiment we recommend a Worksheet which you can find on this page. Please contact us for any information / question or for collaboration in any way.

Thank you.

Nikos Dintsios

Stamatia Artemi

Polatoglou Hariton